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 The Greencard scheme

It is possible to be granted a residence permit for the purpose of seeking work, and subsequently working, in Denmark. A residence and work permit under the Greencard scheme is issued on the basis of an individual evaluation using a point system designed to assess the likelihood that the applicant will be able to find qualified work in Denmark. 

If you are granted a residence permit under the Greencard scheme, you do not need to obtain a work permit. A residence permit under the Greencard scheme gives you the right to carry out paid or unpaid work. A residence permit under the Greencard scheme does not give you the right to work as a self-employed person (run your own business).

If you are a
 Nordic citizen, you are free to reside, study and work in Denmark. If you are an EU/EEA citizen or Swiss citizen and wish to reside in Denmark under the EU rules on freedom of movement, you may be subject to special regulations. Read more about EU/EEA and Nordic citizens.

If you already hold a Danish residence permit based on family reunification or asylum, or hold a residence permit on humanitarian grounds, you do not need a work permit in order to work in Denmark.

It is your own responsibility to obtain a residence permit if you are required to. If you work illegally in Denmark, you risk deportation, and you and your employer risk fine or imprisonment.


In order to be granted a residence permit under the greencard scheme, you must attain a minimum of 100 points. Points are given for: educational level, language skills, work experience, adaptability, and age.

You must have full health insurance covering you and any accompanying family members until you are covered by the Danish National Health Insurance.

You must document that you are able to 
support yourself during your first year in Denmark. Documentation can be a recent bank statement in your name which clearly states in which currency, and on which date, the statement was issued. If you wish to apply for a residence permit for accompanying family members, you must also document that you are able to support your family members. This documentation must be in either your own or your spouse's/partner's name.

Furthermore, it is a requirement that you do not receive any public assistance under the terms of the Active Social Policy Act during your stay in Denmark.


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